A For Apple, B For Bada Apple

Ek Din Ek School Mein Teacher Bachho Ko Pada Raha Thha:

A For Apple
B For Bada Apple
C For Chota Apple
D For Dusra Apple
E For Ek Aur Apple
F For Fir Ek Apple
G For What???

Ek Student Gusse Mein Aakar Bola

Sir, G For Gaand Mein Daal Lo Sare Apples

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The Joke "A For Apple, B For Bada Apple" posted on 28 May 2014 under Hindi Jokes, SMS, One Liner Jokes and Tagged with , and viewed 24,471 times.

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Tchr- A 4 Aple, B 4 Bda Aple, C 4 Chota Aple, D 4 Dusra Aple, E 4 1 Or Aple, F 4 Fir 1 Aple, G 4 Wat? 1student Guse Me Bola- Sir, G 4 Gand Me Dal Lo Sare Aples

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