Aap Ki Bhabhi Ki Tabiyat Kharab Thhi

Santa Apne Doodh Wale Se Ladte Hue Bola

Santa: “Yaar Tum Do Din Se Doodh Dene Kyun Nahi Aa Rahe Thhe??

Doodhwala Udai Se Bola: “Sardar Ji, Aap Ki Bhabhi Ki Tabiyat Kharab Thhi, Isliye Nahi Aa Paya

Santa Kuch Soche Ke Bola: “To Koi Baat Nahi! Bhains Ka Doodh Hi Le Aate!

Must Read Santa Banta Jokes
 22 Jul 2013  2 Comments  35,114

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Santa Dudhwale Se- Yar Tum Do Din Se Q Nhi A Rhe The? Dudhwala- Ap Ki Bhabi Ki Tbiyat Khrab Thi. Snta- To Koi Bat Nhi Bhens Ka Dudh Hi Le Ate

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