05 Mar 2015 - Song For Penis Of Different Ages :- 18: Pehla Nasha 18-30: Dhoom Macha Le Dhoom 30-40: Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham 41-55: Kal Ho Na Ho 55+: Pappu Ca

Ajeeb Kartab To Sab Karte Hai, Par Is Aadmi Ne Vakiye Hi Ek Aisi Cheez Kar Di, Jis Se Uski Girlfriend Ke Hosh Ud Gaye, Aakhir Kiya Kya Tha? Dekhe Is Photo Mein

04 Mar 2015 - Teacher In Johnny's School Asked The Class What Their Parents Did For A Living. One Little Girl Said Her Father Was A Doctor, Another Said Her Moth
03 Mar 2015 - What Is The Difference Between A Girl Friend And Motor Bike. Motorbike Is First Kicked And Then Used, While A Girlfriend Is First Used And Then
02 Mar 2015 - Gynecology Is The Best Profession In The Word.. 1) Make A Woman Naked. 2) Feel Her Breasts. 3) Finger Her Pussy. 4) Finally Make Her Husband Pay
01 Mar 2015 - A Guy Goes To See The Doctor, Because He’s A Little Too Well-Endowed. In Fact, It’s 25 Inches Long And He Can’t Get Any Women To Have Sex With H
24 Feb 2015 - A Married Man Was Visiting His Girlfriend When She Requested That He Shave His Beard. "Oh James, I Like Your Beard, But I Would Really Love To See
24 Feb 2015 - Feeling Bored? Wondering, What To Do? Open The Zip, Enter Your Hands In Between Your Zip, . . . Take Out Your Book From Your Bag And
23 Feb 2015 - A Man Walks Up To A Pretty Woman In A Bar. Man: "Would You Have Sex With Me For One Million Dollars?" Woman in Surprise: "Sure! Why Not" Man:
22 Feb 2015 - What Is The Height Of Shock? When You Are Doing Sex With A Pregnant Lady And Suddenly A Hand Grabs Your Dick From Inside!
19 Feb 2015 - I Asked 100 Women Which Shampoo They Preferred? The Top Answers Was. "Get The Hell Out Of My Bathroom"

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Funny Veg Jokes

Kya Aap Bhi Fishing Pe Jaate Hai?
Pati Jaise Hi Ghar Aaya Biwi Ne Us Se Puchha. Biwi: "Aap Har Hafte Fishing Ke Liye Jaate Ho Na?" Pati: "Haan, Toh.

Teri Maa Ki, Teri Bahen Ki..
Teri Maa Ki, Teri Bahen Ki, Teri Baap Ki, Teri Pure Khandan Ki, Jaan Hai Tu Pagal, Hamesha Apna Khayal Ra

Mamta Punjabi Maa Ki
Angrezi Maa: "Good Night Dear, Sleep Well." Hindi Maa: "So Ja Mera Lal, Mera Accha Beta." Punjabi Maa: "So Ja Kutt

Sher Ne Santa Ko Kyu Zakhmi Kiya
Zoo Mein Ek Sher Ne Santa Ko Maar-Maar Ke Zakhmi Kar Diya. Logo Ne Hairan Hokar Sher Se Puchha. "Arey Tum To Bade

Love Marriage Ka Fayda?
Baba Saxidas Ke Ek Bhakt Ne Unse Puchha Bhakt: "Baba Ji, Ye Love Marrigae Ka Kya Fayda Hai?" Baba Ji Muskuraye Aur