11 Feb 2016 - A Guy Walking Down The Street Suddenly He Sees A Woman With Big & Perfect Breasts. Guy Goes To The Woman. Guy: "Hey Miss, Would You Let Me Bite
08 Feb 2016 - The Director During Shooting A Porn Film Lights Camera Music Erection (Action)
03 Feb 2016 - Question: "Definition Of Adult" Answer: "A Person Who Has Stopped Growing At Both Ends & Now He Is Only Growing From Middle"
02 Feb 2016 - Women’s Life Is Very Hard In Morning – Wash Clothes, In Noon – Dry Clothes, In Evening - Iron Clothes, In Night – Open Clothes,
01 Feb 2016 - Question: "Why Did Newton Commit Suicide?" Answer: "Because He Saw A Complete Naked Girl, And Observed Something Going Up In His Pant, Against His
01 Feb 2016 - Around 10:15 A Girl Get A Text From Her Boyfriend Boy: "Hey, Its Over Now." Girl Texts Him Back: "What The Fuck, But What I Did To You, Why The
31 Jan 2016 - The Lady Teacher Asks The Students What Kind Of Medicines They Know And What They Are Used For. The First Student Said: "Tylenol." Teacher: "Ver
26 Jan 2016 - Boy In Church: "I Have Sinned" Father: "What's It My Son?" Boy: "Father, I Slept With Married Woman" Father: "I Get Such Confessions Often, W
25 Jan 2016 - Sex Is Like A Resturant Sometimes You Get Good Service, Sometimes Bad Service, Sometimes No Service, And Sometimes You Have To Be Happy With Sel
24 Jan 2016 - Fastest 100 In The World: Azhar: 64 Balls Sehwag: 60 Balls Ijaz: 59 Balls Jaysuriya: 48 Balls Afridi: 37 Balls And Dhritrashtra: Wit