18 Apr 2015 - Dark Ugly Woman Walks Into A Store With His Two Sons Shopkeeper Surporisley Asks To Woman: "Are They Twins?" Woman Shocked And Asked: "No, Why D

Majedar Shayari Sab Sun Na Pasand Karte Hai, Par Aaj Time Nikal Ke Duniya Ki Sabse Pakau Shayari Pade, Umeed Hai Aapko Bahut Maja Aayega

18 Apr 2015 - One Day There Were Four Nuns In Line For Confessional. The First Nun Said: "Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned." Father Asked How? (more&
17 Apr 2015 - Man Marries A Deaf Girl. On Their First Night He Write A Code For The Sex If I Want Sex I'll Squeeze Your Breast,In Response You Can Pull My Pen
15 Apr 2015 - Man Offering A Drink To A Lady In Bar Lady: "No, Whiskey Is Bad For My Legs" Man: "Legs? That Is Strange, Do They Pain Or Swell?" Lady: "No,
15 Apr 2015 - A Monkey Was Watching A Human Couple Under Tree Doing Love. And Was Thinking, What A Magic! The Banana Never Ends, After So Many Bites.
14 Apr 2015 - Doctor Went To Check Preeto After Operation. Doctor: "Dont Worry, You Will Be Fine In Few Days" Preeto: "How Long Will It Be Before I Am Able To
12 Apr 2015 - What Is The Common Between An Army General's Car And His Wife? Ans: "Both Are Highly Maintained And Very Less Used."
11 Apr 2015 - Husband & Wife Go For Shopping. Wife: "You Have Nothing In Your Head But Why Are You Buying Helmet?" Husband: "Yesterday You Purchased Bra,
10 Apr 2015 - Baba Lunnacharya Research and Found: The Last Drop Of Susu Does Not Obey The Force Of Gravity (Or Newton's Gravitational Law) Until You Shake The N
10 Apr 2015 - Call-girl Applies For A Teachers Job. Principal: "Can you Teach Zoology, Biology, Geology & Physiology" Girl: "No, I Can Teach Only Choos-Lo

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Funny Veg Jokes

Pyar Andha Hota Hai, Par Insaan Nahi
Ek Hotel Jo Sirf Naye Shadi-Shuda Couples Ke Honeymoon Ke Liye Bana Tha, Uske Gate Pe Ek Bada Sa Sign Board Laga Tha,

Hindi Songs And Their Medical Meanings
Jiya Jale Jaan Jale, Raat Bhar Dhuan Chale - Fever Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi - Heart Attack Suhani

A True Birthday Gift
Me: "Hello, Is This The Police?" Police: "Yes, What Do You Want?" Me: "I'm Calling To Report About My Neighbor Bil

Boond Boond Se Sagar Bane
Kon Kahta Hai Ki Banayi Gayi Kahavate Aur Muhavare Sach Nahi Hote. Gaur Farmaiyega - Maine Ek Boond Se Sagar Bana

Sabki Zindagi Mein Kuch Kaale Panne Hote Hai
Ek Gora Aadiwasiyon Ki Research Karne Jungle Mein Ek Saal Ke Liye Jata Hai. Uski Research Poori Hone Tak Ek Aadiwasi