28 Aug 2014 - Internal Note From Department Head To All Employees: Dear Employees, We Do Get To Know When You're Texting During The Meeting. Because Seriously, N

Kya Aapne Kabhi Socha Hai Ki Mona Lisa Apni Har Photo Mein Muskurati Hi Kyu Nazar Aati Hai, Nahi Jaante To Is Picture Mein Dekhiye Aur Khud Jaan Jayenge.

28 Aug 2014 - True Lines Said By A Boyfriend For His Girlfriend Sometimes My Eyes Get Jealous Of My Pappu. You Know Why? Because You Always Remain Close
28 Aug 2014 - Pappu's Quote On Teacher Day Behind Every Successful Student There Is One Girlfriend. And Behind Many Failed Student ? ???????????? A Beautif
27 Aug 2014 - If You Don't Get A Good Appraisal Inspite Of Giving Your Best, Don't Be Disheartened. Even Condoms Are Thrown Away After 100% Result Oriented Performa
27 Aug 2014 - William Sexfear Ki Barsat Ke Dino Mein Ek Advice Hai Don't Carry Umbrella During Rain Keep Whisper At Your Head Ye Ghanto Tak Geelepan Ka Ehs
26 Aug 2014 - 3 Good Manners Of Male Penis: Courteous - It Stands Before Performing. Emotional - It Cries During The Performance. Polite - It Bows Down Afte
26 Aug 2014 - Every Soul In This World Is Born With A Hole Or A Pole. When The Pole Goes Inside The Hole, Out Comes A New Soul With A Hole Or A Pole!
25 Aug 2014 - Nude Husband In New Shoes: "Do You See Something New?" Wife: "No, Your Dick Is Hanging As Usual." Angry Husband: "Because, It Is Looking At My N
Kissing The Snakes – Only In India Not Photoshopped, This Is Nature’s Art Parenting Fail – Baby Vs Photography Do You Want This Girl’s Cute Heart Ultimate Body Artwork Advertisement Say No To Smoking – The Difference Is Clear Comma Sutra This Is Just A Sofa Fork You …. Totally Delicious Nikon Camera Cake
24 Aug 2014 - The Man Asks The Girl If She's Afraid And She Shakes Her Head Bravely. He Has Had More Experience, But It's The First Time His Finger Has Found The
24 Aug 2014 - A Blind Man Was Walking Down The Street With His Dog. They Stopped At The Corner To Wait For The Passing Traffic. The Dog, At This Point, Starte

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Funny Veg Jokes

Teri Khushi Ka Raaz Kya Hai Yaar?
Ek Din Santa Ke Padosi Banta Ne Bada Hairan Sa Hokar Santa Se Ek Sawal Puchha Banta: "Tere Ghar Se Roz Hasne Ki Awaaz

Duniya Shareef Logo Ko Bhi Jeene Nahi Deti
Ek Ladki Restaurant Mein Bahut Der Se Bethi Thi. Kuch Der Baad Usne Waiter Ko Bulaya Aur Pucha. Ladki: "Ye Jo Samn

Kab Tak Intezar Karvayega Mujhe
Santa Sabji Lene Gaya, Sabji Wala Sabji Par Pani Chidak Raha Tha. Santa Intzaar Karta Raha. Jab Kafi Der Ho Gayi To B

Tumne Home Work Kyun Nahi Kiya?
Class Mein Teacher Sabka Home Work Check Kar Raha Tha, Jab Santa Ki Baari Aayi To Teacher Ne Dekha Ki Usne Homework N

I Kissed Your Mom Last Night
In A Bar 1 Guy Says To Another: "I Kissed Your Mom Last Night" Whole Bar Was Waiting For The Other Guy's Response.