02 Jul 2015 - A Pregnant Woman Goes To A Swamiji, After Seeing The Lady's Hand Swamy Says: "When The Baby Will Be Delivered, His Father Will Die" Woman: "Thank G

Hum Log Santa Ko Bevkoof Kahte Hai, Par Aaj Usne Ek Esi Akalmandi Ki Baat Kar Di Jise Sunke Uske Bete Tak Ko Chakkar Aa Gaye… Par Kya?

01 Jul 2015 - According To A Research of William Sexfear When Girl Cheats A Boy - He Suicides, Hence Girls Kill A Life. But When Boy Cheats A Girl - A Baby
30 Jun 2015 - A Middle-Aged Man Had An Obsession With Women's Breasts. So He Went To A Psychologist And Told The Doctor About His Problem. "I Am Going To Do W
29 Jun 2015 - Lady: "I Want To Learn Tennis" Coach: "No Problem Mam, Just Hold This Racket As You Hold Your Husband's Penis" (more…)
29 Jun 2015 - Questions: "Why Are Vegetarian Women Silent During Sex?" Answer: "They Are In State Of Shock That A Piece Of Meat Can Give So Much Pleasure"
28 Jun 2015 - Mom To Her Younger Daughter: "Please Tell Me The Name Of Asshole, Who Made You Pregnant". Girl Replied: "Hey Mom, After Eating Bunches Of Bananas C
28 Jun 2015 - What Is The Difference Between Boot (Shoes) And Choot? The Boot Accepts Only One Size. Whereas Choot Accepts All Sizes.
27 Jun 2015 - Henry Ford Once Told God: "My Product Car Is Better Than Your Invention Woman" God: "You May Be Right But Statistics Show That More Men Ride My Inv
26 Jun 2015 - What Is The Definition Of Old Age? (more…)
25 Jun 2015 - Two Prostitutes Were Riding Around Town With A Sign On Top Of Their Car Which Said: "Two Prostitutes $50" A Policeman Seeing The Sign, Stopped T

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Funny Veg Jokes

Zamana Badal Gaya
Ek 16 Saal Ki Ladki Apni Dadi Se Baatein Kar Rahi Thi. Ladki: "Dadi Ji, Aapke Zamane Mein 10-10 Bacche Kyu Hote The?"

Shonk Jaldi Pura Ho Gaya
Maalkin Ne Apni Nokrani Ko Apni Ek Purani Saree Di 2 Din Baad Nokrani Gusse Se: "Maalkin Ye Pakdo Apni Saree Mujhe Na

Aaj To Pitaji Gaye
Ek Baccha Bhaaga-Bhaaga Police Satation Gaya Aur Bola. Baccha: "Inspector Sahab, Inspector Sahab, Jaldi Chaliye Ek Ch

Answer Of The Year
One Day A Girls College Was Told They Had To Write A Short Essay In One Sentence. The Short Essay Had To Contain The

How The Devil Learn
A Great Truth By William Sexfear When Some Women Are Talking To Each Other, The Devil Sits In The Corner Quietly List