01 Oct 2014 - A Bio Teacher Was Telling Her Students: "For The Best Penetrations 6 - 7 Inch Penis Is Best." One Of The Girl Asked Her: "Maam, What About 9 Inches

Ladkiya Sweet Hoti Hai? Agar Aap Aisa Sochte Hai To Aap Bahut Bade Bevakoof Hai, Nahi Yakeen? To Dekhe Ye Photo And Bataye Ki Kya Mene Kuch Galat Kaha

01 Oct 2014 - I Recall My First Time With A Condom, I Was 16 Or So. I Went In To Buy A Packet Of Condoms At The Pharmacy. There Was This Beautiful Woman Assis
29 Sep 2014 - William Sexfear Best Quote Of The Year Behind Every Successful Man, There Is A Women, & Behind Every Awesome Man, There Is A Bitch Who Br
26 Sep 2014 - A Kid Saw His Mother Messing With Make Up On Her Face And She Said: "Shit" And Kid Asked To His Mother What Is "Shit?" Then His Mother Answered:
24 Sep 2014 - Notice In A Library -  Warning, While Reading Books On Sex, Please Hold The Book With Both Hands
23 Sep 2014 - At 8: "You Take Her To Bed And Tell Her A Story" At 18: "You Tell Her A Story And Take Her To Bed" At 28: "You Don’t Need To Tell Her A Story
20 Sep 2014 - An Army Man Got Married. First Night His Wife Had Periods. He Writes Letter To Headquarter: "Red Alert On Front Line, Please Extend My Leave" Pa
19 Sep 2014 - Believe In Love Love Has Great Power It Can Remove Misunderstandings Anxieties Worries Doubts Fears Tears Bra Panties
This Dog Knows How To Handle Bitches Real Life Fruit Ninja Girl Cool Tattoo Design On Girl’s Legs O Meri Jaan Ek Pappi To De De Playing With The Moon It Starts Too Soon Devon Ke Dev Har Har Mahadev Ultimate Example Of Courage Dhoob Jane De Aaj Mujhe Inmein Wanna Kill Someone? – Take Me With You
18 Sep 2014 - An Arab Was Being Interviewed At US Embassy. You Name Please? Abdul Rehman Your Sex? Six Times In A Week No, No, I Mean To Say Male Or
16 Sep 2014 - A Man & Cockroach Were Talking. Man: "I Have Penis That Three Time Longer Than Your Whole Body" Cockroach: "And Yet I Make Yor Wife Scream L

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Funny Veg Jokes

Jo Kare So Bhare
Santa And Banta Jungle Mein Ghumne Gaye, Saamne Se Ek Sher Aa Gaya Banta Ne Sher Ki Aakhon Main Matthi Phenki, Aur Sa

How Can You Escape?
Santa In A Interview. Interviewer: "Imagine, In A Closed Room, How Can You Escape If It Caught Fire?" Santa: "Simp

Santa Banta Ki English
Banta: "Do You Know English?" Santa: "Yes" Banta: "Ok! Then Tell What Is The Opposite Of Naag Panchami?" Santa:

Agar Doctor Log Film Banate To Title Kya Hota?
Agar Doctor Log Film Banate To Title Kya Hota? 1. Kabhi Khansi Kabhi Dam 2. Kaho Na Bukhar Hai. 3. T.B No.1.

Gazab Ki English
Ek Aurat Doctor Ke Paas Bhagi-Bhagi Jati Hai Aur Bolti Hai. Aurat: "Mera Beta Motor Cycle Se Gir Gaya Hai" Doctor: