28 Jul 2015 - A Married Lawyer Had Sex In His Car And Forgot The Girl’s Panties In His Car. His Wife Saw The Panties In The Back Seat, Tore It Apart Screaming:

Kya Aap Log Jaante Hain Ki Mcdonalds Ka Statue Hamesha Hasta Hua Hi Kyu Nazar Aata Hai, Agar Nahi To Dekhiye Iss Picture Khud Jaan Jayenge

28 Jul 2015 - Two Young Guys Appear In Court After Being Arrested For Smoking Dope. The Judge Said To Them, YYou Seem Like Nice Young Men. I'd Like To Give Yo
27 Jul 2015 - What Is The Definition Of Innocence? A: A Nun Working In A Condom Factory Thinking She's Making Sleeping Bags For Mice.
27 Jul 2015 - One Day A Man Goes To A Tattoo Artist And Says Man: "I'd Like You To Tattoo A One-Hundred Dollar Bill Onto My Dick." (more…)

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Funny Hair Style I Have Ever Seen Bread Shoes Looking Delicious Creative Cookie Cup Sabun Ka Ultimate Use Don’t Ask Stupid Questions To This Kid Happy Diwali 2012 A Cute Sweet Kiss To My Little Friend Janu Main Tere Bina Nahi Jee Sakta Wanna Kiss Me? Beautiful Corchet Boots For Babies
26 Jul 2015 - Question: "What's The Similarity Between A Woman And A Guitar?" Answer: "You Play At The Top And Finger The Bottom"
25 Jul 2015 - One Day The Teacher Was Teaching Biology To The Kids. She Asked The Students A Question Related To Reproduction. Teacher: "Why Does It Take A Mi
24 Jul 2015 - A South Indian Friend Just Texted Me. Friend: "Dude! I Just Proposed To A Girl, She Replied 'Bhenchod'. What Does It Mean?" Me: "It Means, She's
23 Jul 2015 - An Elderly Lady Decided To Give Herself A Big Treat For Her Significant Birthday By Staying Overnight In One Of London's Most Expensive Hotels. Whe
23 Jul 2015 - A Little Girl Runs Out To The Backyard Where Her Father Is Working, And Asks Him, "Daddy, What’s Sex?" "Ok," He Thinks, "This Day Was Bound To Co
22 Jul 2015 - Doctor Asks Santa To Give His Urine, Stool & Sperm Sample For His Yearly Checkup Santa: "I’m In A Hurry Doctor, Can I Leave My Underwear Here

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