22 May 2015 - Question: "What Is Meant By Burning Desire Of While Having Sex?" Answer: "It's When A Person Discovers That The Vaseline He Applied Before Kamasutr

Har Koi Chahta Hai Ki Unki Subha Ki Shuruaat Alag Dhang Se Ho. Par Mera Man Na Hai Ki Har Koi Aisi Subha Chahta Hai

21 May 2015 - A Dentist Was Caught Having Sex With His Patient. Next Day The Newspaper Headlines Were. "Dentist Caught Filling The Wrong Hole"
21 May 2015 - In Cricket Like IPL If There Was An ISL (Indian Sex League) The Names Of The Teams Would Be Something Like. 1 - Hyderabad Hardcore Humpers. 2 -
19 May 2015 - Difference Between A Secretary And Personal Secretary: Secretary: "Good Morning, Sir." Personal Secretary: "It's Morning. Sir."
18 May 2015 - A Drunk Goes To Chemist & Shouts: "I Want Condom" Chemist: "Sir, Please Be Decent" Drunk Unzips, Puts Dick On Table & Says: "Do You Have
17 May 2015 - Pappu Is Dating With His New Girlfriend In Hotel Room. Girl Friend: "I Demand Good Manners In Bed, Just Like At The Dinner Table" Pappu Climbs I
16 May 2015 - For Variety, You Have Ten To Choose From. You Can't Get Pregnant From Your Fingers. You Always Have Them With You. They Won't Ask: Am I The F
13 May 2015 - Man Was Soabing In A Bar. His Friend Asked: "Yaar Why Are You Crying?" He Said: "My Wife Charge Me Rs. 1000/- For Sex!" Friend Said: "You're
13 May 2015 - Wife Bought A Lovely New Signature Addition Rolex Watch For Her Husband's 27th Birthday "Do U Like It ?" She Asked. He Said: "It's Great!, It'll
12 May 2015 - 15 To 30 Like - Eiffel Tower - Long Straight And Made Of Iron. 30 To 40 Like - Qutub Minar - Long, Straight But Ancient. 40 To 50 Like - Leaning

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Funny Veg Jokes

Your Problem Is My Problem
Husband: "Honey, I Have A Problem At Work" Wife: "Not "I" But "We", We Are Now One, Your Problem Is My Problem" Hu

Tera Kya Kasoor, Tu To Bekasoor Hai
Daaru Ki Vajah Se Barbaad Hue Sharabi Ne Kasam Khayi Ki Aaj Ke Baad Kabhi Sharaab Nahi Piyunga Ye Kah Ke Sharaabi Apn

Jashan To Hamara Bhi Banta Hai
Ek Gaon Mein Bijli Aane Ki Khushi Mein Gaon Ke Sabhi Log Khush Thhe Aur Khushi Se Naach Rahe The. Wahi Gaon Ke Ek Aad

Har Ladki, Deewani Paise Ki
Ladka Ek Ladki Ke Saath Restaurant Mein Date Pe Gaya Thodi Der Baad Ghabraate Hue Ladki Se Bola: "Jaan Tumse Ek Baat

Math’s Teacher Ki To Baat Hi Alag Hai
Ek Professor Restaurant Mein Gaya Aur Sirf Roti Order Ki Waiter Ne Roti Lakar Serve Ki, Aur Professor Khaali Plate Me