03 Sep 2015 - What Is The Difference Between Condom And Parachute? Hole In The First Causes Life And A Hole In The Second Causes Death

Ladkiyo Ko Kaisa Pati Chahiye Hota Hai? Har Ladki Ki Alag Alag Deemand Hoti Hai, Par Aaj Pade Is Joke Mein Ki Asli Mein Unko Kaisa Pati Chahiye Aur Unki Deemand Puri Hui Ya Nahi

03 Sep 2015 - After Spending The Night At A Hotel With A Prostitute, A Politician Takes Three $100 Bills Out Of His Wallet And Places Them On The Dresser. "Th
02 Sep 2015 - Boy In Very Romantic Mood: "Darling, I Want To Be A Part Of Your Body" Girlfriend: "No Thanks, I Already Have An Ass Hole."
01 Sep 2015 - A Young Kid Asked His Dad. Kid: "Can U Spell The Word Clitoris For Me?" His Dad Replied: "Son, You Should Have Asked Me Last Night, When It Was
31 Aug 2015 - Height Of Patience: A Girl Lying Naked Under A Banana Tree And Hoping For Banana To Fall In The Right Place.
31 Aug 2015 - Question: "What Is Difference Between Chicken And A Baby?" Answer: "Chicken Is A Result Of Sitting Hen, And Baby Is The Result Of Standing Co
30 Aug 2015 - Romance In Easy Way 1. Hand In Hand 2. That In Hand 3. Hand In That 4. That In Mouth 5. Mouth In That 6. That In That Now Don't A

Africa Mein Suna Hai Logo Ka Bahut Bada Hota Hai, Aayiye Dekhe Ki Un Logo Ki Jeans Kis Tarha Ki Hoti Hai – Aur Bataye Ki Designer Ne Sahi Kiya Ya Nahi ;)

30 Aug 2015 - Once A Professor Asked His Students To Use Love And Sex In A Sentence. Girls Wrote: "When Mutual Understanding Between A Boy And A Girl Increase
28 Aug 2015 - What Is Height Of Desperation? A Vampire Sucking Blood From A Sanitary Napkin
27 Aug 2015 - This Is Modern Era, No One Has Time Girls Put Their Mobile In Vagina On Vibrator Mode. And Ask Boyfriend To Call, This Is E-Fuck. But If Othe