19 Nov 2014 - After Having Their 11th Child, A Couple Decided 11 Was Enough, As They Could Not Afford A Larger Bed. So The Husband Went To His Veterinarian And T

Bade Time Se Charcha Chalti Aayi Hai Ki Duniya Gol Hai Ya Nahi, Par Aaj Baba Saxidas Ji Ne Ek Chote Se Example Se Ye Sabit Kar Diya Hai Ki Duniya Gol Hi Hai, Aur Vapis Ghoom Fir Ke Wahin Aa Jati Hai.

17 Nov 2014 - I'm At Least 6 Inches Long. I Leave Foamy Lubrication When Engaged In My Job. What Am I? A Toothbrush, Of Course
17 Nov 2014 - Question: "What Is The Difference Between Guilt And  Shame?" Answer: "Its A Guilt To Sleep With Somebody's Wife But Its A Shame To Miss Such Oppor
16 Nov 2014 - Friends, I am in hospital from last week. My finger got Infected and had an operation. Doctor told me to rest for five days. So there will be so
15 Nov 2014 - A Business Man Giving Used Condom To His Son To Use As Balloon After Bursting Giving It To His Daughter To Use As Hair Band
15 Nov 2014 - A Million Dollar Advice From William Sexfear Before Making Any Promise To A Girl, Masturbate Twice, It May Change Your Opinion.
12 Nov 2014 - Q: What Boys Do On Mother’s Day? A: Help Girls In Becoming Mothers.
11 Nov 2014 - Both Take Up Too Much Space On The Bed. Both Have Irrational Fears About Vacuum Cleaning. Both Are Threatened By Their Own Kind Both Like To
10 Nov 2014 - A Lady Says: "Doctor, I'm So Sick! I Feel Dizzy, Everything Spins & My Heart Is Burning." The Man Says: "Mam, 1st, I'm Not A Doctor, I'm A Bart
09 Nov 2014 - Compromising With Your Wife. Doesn't Mean You Are Wrong & She Is Right. It Only Means That Having Sex Everyday, Is More Important Than Yo

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Funny Veg Jokes

Mobile Ka Sab Se Jayada Fayda Kisne Uthaya?
Mobile Ka Sab Se Jayada Fayda India Ke Logo Ne Uthaya Hai. Kyunki Ab Bathroom Mein Mombati Le Jane Ki Zaroorat Nahi P

Vakeel To Ye Kamaal Ka Tha
Mujrim Ne Apne Pathan Vakeel Ko Kaha: "Koshish Karna Umar Qaid Ho Phansi Na Ho" Vakeel: "Tum Chinta Mat Karo" Court Ke

Baba Ramdev Ki Salah Aur Santa Ka Question
Baba Ramdev ji Kehte Hai, "Achhi Sehat Ke Liye Saas Par Control Kare" Santa Ka Is Baat Ke Liye Question "Ab Bab

Tum Mein Aur Kutte Mein Farak Hi Kya Hua?
Ek Baar Ek Indian Minister Obama Ke Saath Beach Par Jata Hai, Baaton-Baaton Mein Obama Ne Puchha Obama: "Tumhe Swimmi

Kuch To Bhagwan Se Daro
School Ke Bahar Ek Ladki Ro Rahi Thi, Ladke Ne Jakar Ladki Se Puchha. Ladka: "Ro Kyun Rahi Hai?" Ladki: "Marks Kam