20 Apr 2014 - Touch Here If U Dare Can Make Boneless Things Hard More Enjoyment Per Liter Weapons Of Mass Destruction Looking Free, But Touching Costs

Kuch Log Apne Gharwalo Ka Bahut Khayal Rakhte, Har Baat Unhe Batate Hai, Esa Hi Apne Santa Ne Kiya, Par Aap Khud Bataye Kya Ye Sahi Tha

19 Apr 2014 - There Was A Boy Worked In The Butter Shop As A Sales Person. A Man Came In The Shop And Asked To Buy 1/2 Kg Of Butter. The Boy Told Him That Onl
18 Apr 2014 - A Guy Decides To Buy His New Girlfriend A Pair Of Gloves For Christmas. It Seems Like An Appropriate Gift, After All, They’ve Only Known Each Oth
11 Apr 2014 - What's The Difference Between A Lollipop And A Penis? If You Lick A Lollipop, It Becomes Smaller. But If You Lick A Penis It Becomes Bigger!
10 Apr 2014 - William Sexfear Quote - Truth About Sex Women Always Need The Reason To Have Sex But Men Are Not Like Them, They Just Need A Place
07 Apr 2014 - Fill In The Blanks: 1. "Boo_s ?" 2. "_ _ndom ?" 3. "F_ _ K ?" 4. "P_ N_s ?" 5. "Pu_s_ ?" Answer: 1. "Books" 2. "Random" 3.
04 Apr 2014 - Q - Why Are Condoms Transparent? A - So That Sperms Can At Least Enjoy The Scene Even If Their Entry Is Restricted! Q - What Is The New Aids Aware

Kahte Hai Ki Bhagwan Pe Hamesha Yakeen Rakho, Aaj Sabit Ho Hi Gaya Kyu, Ye Joke Pad Ke Aap Logo Ko Ehsah Hoga Ki Wo Hamra Hamesha Achha Hi Sochta Hai

28 Mar 2014 - Boy: "Can I Touch And See Your Hardware?" Girl: "First Show Me Your Software" (more…)
25 Mar 2014 - Mosquito: "Mom I'm Going To Movie." Mom: "Be Careful When People Clap You May Die." (more…)
25 Mar 2014 - Kissing At The Top, Holding At The Middle & Fire At The Bottom. Do You Know The Answer? What ? Don’t Think Dirty... . . . Its A "Ci