17 Dec 2014 - According To William Sexfear Girls Use Their Boobs As A Black Mailing Instrument... They Show Half Of It... And Men Will Do Anything... . . .

Maa Se Related Facebook Pe Aap Logo Ne Bahut Message Pade Honge, Par Aaj Janiye Ki Maa Aakhir Kya Hoti Hai?

14 Dec 2014 - Dentist Was Removing A Tooth Of A Lady Dentist: "Madam You Are Holding My Balls" (more…)
13 Dec 2014 - Friendship Adult Version: Friendship Isn't About I Am Sorry, Its About Ma Chuda. Its Not About Where Are You? its About Kaha Gaand Mara Raha Hai
13 Dec 2014 - Q: What Is It When A Man Talks Nasty To A Woman? A: Sexual Harassment. Q: What Is It When A Woman Talks Nasty To A Man? A: $3.99 A Minute Q: H
12 Dec 2014 - Women Enjoy 6 Types Of Sex: Asthamatic Sex - Ah..Aahh..Ah Obedient Sex - Yes… Oh Yes..Yes Greedy Sex - More.. More.. Give Me More Motherly
12 Dec 2014 - Boys Always Say 'I Love You' To Girls But!! What is The True Meaning Of This Line? 'I' Am 'L'ooking 'O'ut 4 'V'aginal 'E'ntry 'Y'ou Must Take '
10 Dec 2014 - Lady To Guide: "I've Heard, Tamils Have Big Cocks, Sikhs Are Best Fuckers, Gujrati's Have More Stamina" Guide: "Yes" Lady: "Whats Your Name?"
09 Dec 2014 - Why Women Have Their Breast On Top? According To Sex Expert William Saxfear (Baba Saxidas's Cousin) If They Had It Down, The Pussy Would Drink
09 Dec 2014 - Wife: "Whenever I Sing A Classical Song, Why Do You Stand In The Balcony?" Husband: "To Ensure That Our Neighbours Don't Think That I Am Fucking Yo
08 Dec 2014 - 70 Yr Old Man Asks His Wife Old Man: "Do U Feel Sad When You See Me Running Behind Girls?" Wife Replies: "Not At All, Even Dogs Chase Cars But T

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Funny Veg Jokes

Bright Future Or Beautiful Girls?
A Bright Future Can Give You Many Beautiful Girls. But A Beautiful Girl Cannot Give You A Bright Future. From Boy'

What Do You Feel Now?
In A Routine Checkup Nurse To Engineer: "Breathe Deeply In And Slowly Exhale, Do It 3 Times." Engineer: "Ok" Nu

Wanna Dance With Me?
Two Girls Were Sitting At A Club. One Was Ugly And The Other One Was Beautiful. Pappu Came And Walked Straight To

What Is The Most Dangerous Alphabet?
Question: "What Is The Most Dangerous Alphabet?" Answer: "W" Because All Worries Start With "W" Who? Why? Wha

Baap Ke Samne Bechara Fass Gaya
Ek Ladke Ke Face Par Infection Ho Jata Hai, Uske Papa Use Doctor Ke Paas Le Jate Hai. Checkup Karne Ke Baad Doctor