06 Oct 2015 - The Wife Came Home Early From Work And Found Her Husband In Bedroom Doing Love To A Very Attractive Young Woman. She Cried: "You Are A Disrespectfu
05 Oct 2015 - In A Bar An American, An Italian, A Turki And An Indian (Santa) Met. American: "I'm Proud Of Our CIA, They Know Whatever Is Happening In The World,
04 Oct 2015 - Kamasutra Says Women Are Masters In Sex. They Can Satisfy 5 Men At A Time, 1st In Pussy, 2nd In Ass Hole, 3rd In Mouth, 4th And 5th In
04 Oct 2015 - A Woman Playing Golf Hit A Man Nearby. He Put His Hands Together Between His Legs, Fell On The Ground & Rolled Around In Pain. She Rushed To Hi
03 Oct 2015 - Lightest Muscle Is A Man's Penis. It Can Be Raised By A Woman's Tongue! Strongest Muscle Is A Man's Tongue! It Can Raise A Woman's Legs!
03 Oct 2015 - One Day A Guy Was Texting With His Girlfriend. Boyfriend: "Hey Baby, What's Up?" Girlfriend: "Nothing Much, Just Washing My Boobs." Boyfriend
02 Oct 2015 - Some Funnies In A Column On Meet The Sexpert In Newspaper. Q: Is It Safe If Penis Is Kept In The Vagina When Sleeping? A: Usually When The Penis
01 Oct 2015 - This Joke Is Specially For Girls If A Guy Remembers The Color Of Your Eyes, After A First Date, Chances Are You Have Small Boobs.
30 Sep 2015 - Sex Is The Game, Love Is A Name, Forget The Name ...... Lets Play The Game.
29 Sep 2015 - Autobiography Of Mr. Penis When I Was Young, I Was Cute. All Loved To Wash, bMe. Now, All Suck Me, Stroke Me, Put Me In Dark Slippery Hole.