28 Mar 2015 - What Is The Alternatve Word For "Virgin" "Center Fresh"

Ladko Ko Hamesha Parpose Karte Dekha Hai, Par Aaj Dekhe Ek Pyara Sa Kutta Kaise Propose Karta Hai

27 Mar 2015 - This Question Is Sure To Make You Think The First Man Who Discovered Milk, Whoever He Was What The Hell Was He Trying To Do With The Cow??
26 Mar 2015 - A Man Goes To A Doctor And Said: "Everytime When I Look Into The Mirror I Get An Erection" Doctor Said: "That's Because You Look Like A Cunt"
25 Mar 2015 - Love Is A Gamble, Sex Is A Game, Boy Do The Thing, Girls Get The Blame, 1 Night In Pleasure, 9 Months Of Pain, 1 Day In Hospital And A Junior Needs
23 Mar 2015 - Santa (B.Com) Saw A Poster At A Police Station: "Two Engineers Wanted For Rape" Santa: "Shit Man, These Engineers Always Get The Best Jobs"
22 Mar 2015 - Two School Kids Were Arguing In The Playground. First Boy: "My Dad Is A Better Snooker Player Than Your Dad" Second Biy: "No He Ain’t, My Dad
19 Mar 2015 - Teacher: "What Is Common Between Jaya Bachchan And Aishwarya?" Pappu After Much Thought: "I Think, Nipples Of Both Were Sucked By Abhishek"
18 Mar 2015 - Sindhi To Prostitute: "How Much For A Hand Job?" Lady: "Rs 500/- Do You Want One?" Sindhi: "No... No, I Was Curious To Know How Much I Save When
18 Mar 2015 - James Bond, Shows His Magic Watch To His New Girlfriend and Says James Bond: "My Watch Says Your Not Wearing Panties" Girlfriend: "But I Am Wear
17 Mar 2015 - Little Johnny Comes Home From School And Says To His Mom: "Mom I've Got A Problem." She Says: "Tell Me." He Tells Her That The Boys At School Ar

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Funny Veg Jokes

Kitni Jaldi Rang Badalti Hai Ladkiya
Kisi Baat Pe Boy-Friend Aur Girl-Friend Ka Break-Up Ho Raha Thha Ladki Gusse Se Ladke Ko Boli. Ladki: "Aaj Se Hama

Biwi Ki Bewafayi Aur Santa Ki Bevkoofiya
Santa Bade Dukhi Man Se Apne Dost Banta Ko Bola. Santa: "Aaj Maine Apni Biwi Ko Watchman Ke Saath Movie Jate Hue Dekh

Meaning Of Hugs
A Normal Hug Says: "Thank You" A Tight Hug Says: "I Need You" A More Then Tight Hug Says: "Banda Tharki Hai Aur Hi

How To Survive The First Four Years?
A Very Genuine Question Asked By Santa If Marriage Age Is 21 & Drinking Age Is 25, Can The Government Tell Me

Kam Se Kam Ek Call To Kar Leni Chahiye Thi.
Ek Ladke Ki Engagement Ek Bahut Khubsoorat Ladki Se Hui. Par Wo Ladka Us Ladki Se Kabhi Nahi Mila Tha, Na Hi Us Se Ba