24 Nov 2015 - 'Ass' Behind Another 'Ass' And Then 'I' And Then The Whole 'Nation'. Santa Teaching His Son The Spelling Of 'Assassination'
22 Nov 2015 - A Small Boy Wrote A Letter To Santa Claus on Christmas "Send Me A Brother" Santa Wrote Back "First Send Me Your Mother"
21 Nov 2015 - A Beautiful Quote By William Sexfear "Beauty Lies In The Files Of The Hidden Folders" Jisko Samajh Aaya Wo Kirpya Like Kar De ;)
17 Nov 2015 - When I Was 10. Rubber Meant Eraser, Ass Meant Donkey, Gay Meant Happy, Straight Meant Linear, Making Out Meant 'Logical Detection',
16 Nov 2015 - Question: "Why Do Girls Put On Weight After Losing Virginity?" Answer: "Because, Every Banana Contains 108 Calories"
14 Nov 2015 - My Girlfriend Was Saying: "Why Did God Give Women Periods With Cramp Pains And Men Nothing?" I Replied: "Don't Be Silly, He Gave Us Women."
12 Nov 2015 - A Priest Was Driving Along And Saw A Nun On The Side Of The Road. He Stopped And Offered Her A Lift Which She Accepted. She Got In And Crossed H
09 Nov 2015 - Teacher: Prove That AB/AG + 2MP + 4WD + 9MC = ABC? Pappu: "A Boy Over A Girl + 2 Minute Pain + 4 White Drops + 9 Months Course = A Beautiful Child.
09 Nov 2015 - Personality Of Women According To BRA Sizes. 3o" = Innocent 32" = Calm 34" = Defensive 36" = Sexy 38" = Its Hot 4o" = Aggressive 42" = Out Of
07 Nov 2015 - One Morning Father Passed His Daughter’s Bedroom And Heard Her Saying Her Prayers. Just Wanted To Know What Are The Prayers He Stopped At The Doo