23 Oct 2014 - A Man To Cardiologist Angrily: "How Dare You Tell My Wife That She Has A Cute Vagina" Doctor Replied: "Stupid, I Told Her That She Has Acute Angina

Paagalkhane Mein Sare Pagal Shor Macha Rahe The Par Ek Paagal Shanti Se Soya Tha, Par Kyu? Kya Wo Pagal Nahi Tha Ya Koi Aur Wajah Thi, Pade Is Joke Mein

23 Oct 2014 - One Day Three Friends Go To A Ski Lodge And There Aren't Enough Rooms, So They Have To Share A Bed. In The Middle Of The Night, The Guy On The Righ
22 Oct 2014 - Oversmart Wife: "If I Sleep With Your Most Loving & Close Friend, What Will Be The First Thought In Your Mind?" Smart Husband: "You Are A Lesbi
21 Oct 2014 - A Lady On Phone: "Hello Sushl , Sir I Want To Meet & Talk To You. You Are The Father Of One Of My Kids." Stunned & Shocked Man Screamed: "O
18 Oct 2014 - What Is A Kiss? It Is An Application, Which Submitted In The Top Floor To Get The Permission For Working In The Basement 
18 Oct 2014 - A Kid By Chance Peeps Into His Parents' Bedroom At Night And Shocked At What He Sees! He Shouts At His Mom: "And You Punish Me For Just Sucking The
17 Oct 2014 - When Nobody Loves You, Nobody Cares For You Nobody Think About You Every One Ignores You Then Go And Sit In A Corner Close Your Eyes An
15 Oct 2014 - The Sky Was Dark The Moon Was High All Alone Just Her And I Her Hair So Soft Her Eyes So Blue I Knew Just What She Wanted To Do (more…
12 Oct 2014 - In A Period Of Sex Education, Teacher Asks. Teacher: "Why Sperrm Donation Is More Expensive Than Blood Donation?" Pappu: "Mam Simple, Because Ha
11 Oct 2014 - The Word No Offense Is Like A Condom, Which You Put Before Your Words, When You Fuck People Publicly. Example: "No Offense, You Are An Asshol

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Funny Veg Jokes

Girl-Friend Kho Gayi Hai To Ramji Kya Kare?
Ek Aadmi Ram Mandir Gaya Aur Bhagwan Ram Ki Murti Ke Age Hath Jod Ke Rote Hue Bola "Hey Ram Meri Girlfriend Kho Gayi

English Kaisi Sikhe?
Santa Ne English Sikhne Ki Class Join Kar Rahi Thhi, Ek Din Apne Ek Dost Ko Bola. Santa: "Tu Mujse Kuch Bhi Puch Le M

Santa Ki Biwi Bhi Akal Se Paidal Hai
Santa Lunch Karne Office Se Aaya, Bahar Garmi Bahut Pad Rahi Thi, Aate Hi Preeto Se Bola Santa: "Paani Pila De" Pr

Gareeb Ke Paiso Pe Ayashi Karna Galat Hai
Ek Aadmi Aate Jaate Apne Ghar Ke Paas Bethe Bikhari Ko Hamesha Beekh Deke Jaya Karta Tha Ek Din Bhikhari Ne Aadmi Se

Santa’s Thought Of The Day
O Lord, Please Bless Me And Give Me Coffee In The Morning To Change The Things That I Can. And Whiskey In The Even