Kitni Pyari Panty Hai

Sali Apne Jija Se Boli: “Jiju Meri Faraq Ke Niche Dekhein Kitni Pyari Panty Hai

Jija Ne Jhuk Ke Dekha Aur Shock Se Bola: “Oh Shit, Pehley Panty Pehan To Lo

Sali: “Ha ha Ha April Fool, Jiju

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 02 Aug 2010  113 Comments  59,363

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Sali 2 Jija: Meri Fraq K Nechay Dekhe Kitni Pyari Panty Hai.. Jija Dekh Ke Bola: Shit, Pehley Panty Pehan To Lo.. Sali: Ha Ha Ha April Fool Jiju

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