Ladka Ladki On Phone

Ladka Aur Ladki Phone Per Baat Kar Rahe Hote Hain

Ladki Ladke Se Kehti Hai:

Roonay Ko To Sabhi Rootay Hain Faraq Hai To Roonay Roonay Ka
Tum Qatra Qatra Rootay Hoo Hum Darya Darya Rootay Hain

Phir Ladka Ladki Se Kehta Hai:

Soonay Ko To Sab Sootay Hain Faraq Hai To Soonay Soonay Ka
Tum Ungli Lay Ker Sootay Ho Hum Haath Mein Lay Ker Sootay Ho

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 22 Apr 2010  29 Comments  19,937

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