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Sex Karo Daily,

Agar Wo Mil Jay Akeli

Agar Na Mile Akeli Tu Pakad Lo Uss Ki Saheli

Agar Na Mile Saheli, To Zindabad Hatheli,

Par Sex Karo Daily

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 12 May 2014  1 Comment  25,546

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Funny Definitions
Funny Definitions: Laziness? - Asking Lift For Morning Walk. Craziness? - Get Blank Paper Xerox. Honesty? - Pre

Choti Si Baat Ke Liye Qurbai Kyu Du
Ek Ladki Road Pe Sharab Pee Rahi Thi, Use Dekh Ek Ladka Bola. Ladka: "Tum Ladki Hoke Daaru Piti Ho?" Ladki: "To Ky

Railway Interviewer And Santa
Railway Interviewer To Santa. Interviewer: "Agar Do Gaadiyaan Ek Line Pe Aa Gayi To Kya Karoge?" Santa: "Jee, Red

Letter To Lovely Dad
A Father Passing By His Teenage Daughter's Bedroom Was Astonished To See The Bed Was Nicely Made And Everything Was Neat

The Guy She Loves The Most
One Day A Man Came Back Early From His Office. He Was Shocked To See His Wife With Another Guy. He Told His Wife T

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