07 Dec 2016 - Kamasutra Says That Sex Is... Duty - If Done With Your Wife. Art - If Done With Your Lover. Education - If Done With A Virgin. Tuition - If Done W
05 Dec 2016 - A Woman Pregnant With Triplets Is Walking Down The Street, When A Masked Robber Runs Out Of The Bank And Shoots Her Three Times In The Stomach.
04 Dec 2016 - Doctor Dubey Had Slept With One Of His Patients And Felt Guilty All Day Long. No Matter How Much He Tried To Forget About It, He Just Couldn't. The

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01 Dec 2016 - Do You Know? There Are Three Kinds Of Men. 1st The Asians: "They Have One Wife & One Girlfriend But They Love Their Wife The Most" 2nd Th

Aap Logo Ke Anusaar Is Duniya Mein Sabse Tez Kya Hai Light Ya Thought. Jawab Dijiye Aur Dekhiye Iss Joke Mein Ki Aapka Jawaab Santa Ke Jawaab Se Milta Hai Ya Nahi.

28 Nov 2016 - Even If You Are Pleased With Your Equipment, It Is Important To Keep It Hidden. Otherwise You Can Get Hurt In More Ways Than One. Read Ahead To Find Out How.