11 Feb 2017 - A Boy With Green, Red And Blue Hair Was Passing By. When An Old Man Was Staring At Him: "Watzup Oldie Never Done Anything Wild?" Old Man: "Yes,
10 Feb 2017 - People Often Find Weird Ways To Compete With Each Other. But Even In The Weirdest Contests, It Is Important To Follow The Rules. Here's An Example.
07 Feb 2017 - A Hardcore CA Gets Home Late One Night. His Wife Was Too Angry And Upset, Asked: "Where The Hell Have You Been?" He Replies: "I Was Out Getting
05 Feb 2017 - A Man Gets His Fiance, Wendy’s Name Tattooed On His Penis. So When He’s Hard It Says "Wendy," But When It’s Soft It Just Says, "W Y." So T

Har Insaan Chahta Hai Ki Use Ek Shareef Or Sundar Ladki Mile, Par Itni Shareef Ladki Bhi Kisi Ko Na Mile.

04 Feb 2017 - Little Kids Are Always Curious To Know About Their Birth, So One Day A Curious Kid Ask To His Dad About His Birth But Dad's Answer Will Shock You
02 Feb 2017 - A Person Is Kicked Out Of An Interview Just For An Ordinary Answer. So Guys Think Twice Before Answering This Type Of Question.
02 Feb 2017 - Two Priests (Father John & Father Thomsan) Are Off To The Showers Late One Night. They Undress And Step In The Showers. After Going In They