03 Apr 2017 - You Know What Is The Difference Between Girls Aged:- 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68?
21 Mar 2017 - A Man Walks Out Of A Bar, Stumbling Back And Forth With A Key In His Hand. A Cop On The Beat Sees Him, And Approaches. Cop: "Can I Help You, Sir?"
20 Mar 2017 - A Nun Went To A Gynecologist Doctor: "What Is The Problem?" Nun: "Something, Is Terribly Wrong, I Keep Finding Postage Stamps From Costa Rica, I
18 Mar 2017 - The Man Asks The Girl If She's Afraid And She Shakes Her Head Bravely. He Has Had More Experience, But It's The First Time His Finger Has Found The

Ladki Nakhre Baaz To Hoti Hi Hai Par Nakhre Ki Hadd Kya Ho Sakti Hai? Pade Is Joke Mein

15 Mar 2017 - A Florida Couple Was Watching A Discovery Channel Special About An African Black Bush Tribe. The Men In That Tribe All Had 24 Inches Long Penises.
10 Mar 2017 - Boss Hired A Sexy Secretary But 10 Days Later He Committed Suicide By Jumping From His 14th Floor Office. Police Came In The Office And Said: "Who
04 Mar 2017 - A Young Man Goes Into A Drug Store To Buy Condoms. The Pharmacist Says The Condoms Come In Packs Of 3, 9 Or 12 And Asks: "Which One You Want?" H