28 Feb 2017 - Do You Know That Their Are Two Type Of Railway Crossing in Punjab India, Male & Female, Read Full Joke To Know Difference
27 Feb 2017 - After A Tiring Day, A Young Lady Settled Down In Her Train Seat And Closed Her Eyes. As The Train Rolled Out Of The Station, The Guy Sitting Next T
26 Feb 2017 - A Young Woman Had Given Birth In The Elevator Of A New Delhi Hospital, And Was Embarrassed About It. One Of The Doctors, In An Effort To Console He
23 Feb 2017 - Once A Girl Is Quite Fantasized About "69". She Has A Regular Boyfriend And They Have Never Done It Before. One Day She Invites Her Boyfriend To

What The Love Is, Is Questions Ki Alag Alag Definations Hai, Par Aaj Dekhe Asli Mein True Love Kya Hai Is Photo Mein, Aur Majbur Ho Jaye Sochne Ko

22 Feb 2017 - Hanuman Chaalisa Aur Condoms Hamesha Apni Pocket Mein Rakho Kyunki (more…)
22 Feb 2017 - A Poor Fellow Named John, Is In A Relationship With Pakistani Girl-Friend And Very Confused. He Is Seeking For An Advice, Kindly Share Your Ideas To Solve His Problem.
20 Feb 2017 - Luck And Fuck Are Directly Proportional To Each Other, When Luck In Your Favors, You Can Fuck Whole World, But When It Doesn't, Whole World Will