Gareebi Par Shayari, Chodumal Khan Saab Ki

Chodumal Khan Saab Roj Apni Girlfriend Se Gareebi Ke Taane Sun Sun Ke Ek Sher Bole

Josh Bhare Lund Ko Janeman Thukraya Nahi Karte,

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Yun Chut Dikha Ke Aage Se Guzar Jaya Nahi Karte,

Kya Hua Agar Mera Ghar Ek Raja Ka Mahal Nahi,

To Kya Jhompdi Mein Log Chudvaya Nahi Karte..?

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The Joke "Gareebi Par Shayari, Chodumal Khan Saab Ki" posted on 30 Aug 2014 under Hindi Jokes, Sexy Sher O Shayari, SMS, One Liner Jokes and Tagged with and viewed 68,516 times.

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Josh Bhare L.Nd Ko Thukraya Nahi Karte, U Ch..T Dikha K Age Se Guzar Jaya Nhi Krte, Kya Hua Mera Ghar Mahal Nhi, Kya Jhopdi Me Log Chudvaya Nhi Karte?

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