Geography Of A Woman And A Man

Geography Of A Woman And A Man

In Age Of 18 – 22 Years:
She’s Like Africa: Half Discovered, Half Wild, Naturally Beautiful With Fertile Deltas

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In Age Of 23 – 30 Years:
She’s Like US: Well Developed & Open To Trade, Specially For Rich Investors

In Age Of 31 – 45 Years:

She’s Like India: Very Hot, Relaxed & Convinced Of Her Own Beauty

In Age Of 46 – 55 Years:
She’s Like France: Gently Aging But Sensual, With Appreciation For Finer Things

In Age Of 56 – 60 Years:
She’s Like Yugoslavia: Lost The War, Haunted By Past Mistakes & In Need Of Massive Reconstruction

After 61 Years:
She’s Like Afghanistan: Everyone Knows Where It Is, But No One Wants To Go There

Geography Of A Man:

In Age Of 15-80 Years:
A Man Is Like Pakistan: Ruled By A Dick

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