Teaching About Sex

A Mother Is In The Kitchen Making Dinner For Her Family When Her Daughter Walks In.

Mother, Where Do Babies Come From?

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The Mother Thinks For A Few Seconds And Says, “Well Dear, Mommy And Daddy Fall In Love And Get Married. One Night They Go Into Their Bedroom, They Kiss And Hug And Have Sex.

The Daughter Looks Puzzled So The Mother Continues, “That Means The Daddy Puts His Penis In The Mommy’s Vagina. That’s How You Get A Baby, Honey.

The Child Seems To Comprehend.

Oh, I See, But The Other Night When I Came Into Your Room You Had Daddy’s Penis In Your Mouth. What Do You Get When You Do That?

Jewelry, My Dear. Jewelry.

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  1. deleted says:

    बड़े नादान है जो इस दौर में भी वफ़ा की उम्मीद रखते है ..
    यहाँ दुआ पूरी न हो तो लोग भगवान को भी बदल देते है ,,,!

  2. deleted says:

    Rone se kisiko paya nhi jata, Khone se kisiko bhulaya nhi jata,
    Waqt sabko milta h zindgi badalne k liye, Pr Zindgi nhi milti waqt badalne K liye…

  3. deleted says:

    Breaking News:
    Ek Bacche Ne Idea Cellular Ki
    Advertisement Dekh Kar
    Apne Parents Ka Mobile
    Inter-change Kar Diya.
    Next Week They Got Divorced… .
    Now New Punch Line :-
    Idea Can Not Only
    Change Your Life It Also
    Help You To Change Your Wife.

  4. deleted says:

    Raat bhar mujhe iss baat ne sone na dia ki
    ….. . . zindgi to bas 4 din ki hai
    |..(‘,’) | )(> |<|. . . . . . . .
    . Or net pack maine 30 din ka kara liya !

  5. deleted says:

    Teacher-Un do kings ka naam batao
    jinhone duniya ke logo ko nayi raah pe chalaya

    Santa confidently answered- Sir


  6. deleted says:

    Tum Ye Mat Samjh’na k Humein koi
    Or Nahi ‘Chahta’…..
    Tum ‘Chhor’ bi Do Ge To ‘Mout’ bahut
    talabgaar h hamari……

  7. deleted says:

    Girlfriend : “Last night I had a dream of you.”
    Boyfriend (got excited): “Maine kya kiya tumhare sapne mein aa ke”
    Girlfriend replied : “We were traveling in bus,
    Suddenly the bus lost control and fell in the river.
    Everyone swam to save their life,
    but you were still swimming and
    searching for someone.”
    Boyfriend (with luv): “I was searching for you, na?
    Girlfriend said: NO, You were
    “Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya, 2 rupaye lene the”

  8. deleted says:

    ठिकाना कब्र है कुछ तो इबादत कर मुसाफिर , कहते हैं खाली हाथ किसी क घर जाया नहीं करते

  9. deleted says:

    दोस्ती का दम भरते थे वो कभी और आज

    जब दोस्त को कफ़न में लिपटा देखा

    तो कहा कौन है ये मै तो इसे जानती तक नहीं

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