Where Is The Connection?

A Middle-Aged Man Had An Obsession With Women’s Breasts.

So He Went To A Psychologist And Told The Doctor About His Problem.

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I Am Going To Do Word Association” Explained The Doctor – “I Am Going To Say A Word, And You Will Say The First Thing That Come To Your Mind

Doctor: “Oranges”.

Breasts“, Replied The Patient.






Breasts” Said The Patient With The Same Reply.

Wait A Minute! I Can See The Connections Between Oranges, Apples, Watermelons And Breasts. But Automobile’s Wipers? Where Is The Connection?” Asked The Doctor.

Easy, One On The Left And One On The Right!

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  1. lalitmangla says:

    Admin ki gf ne admin se dukhi hoker 1 shayari likhi maine bade armano se use bulaya tha or wo aaya bhi tha mere dil ka raja baharon ka shahjada per uska khada na hua kutta kamina haramjada

  2. Nitesh...Some..Say says:

    Two seater helicopter Punjab ke gaon me gira..
    Gaon ke sare Sardar raahat kaarya me jut gaye aur 600 dead bodies bahar nikaal laye..
    Saala samjh nahi aaya aisa konsa helicopter tha jisme 600 log sawar they ??
    Baad me pata chala Helicopter
    Qabristan me gira tha.! :-P

  3. Nitesh...Some..Say says:

    Best break up shayri
    Tere chehre se ab mujhe lagta hai khof..
    Tere chehre se ab mujhe lagta hai khof..
    fuck off
    fuck off
    fuck off
    fuck off.

  4. Nitesh...Some..Say says:

    For all fuckd up aashiqss……. ­Arz
    kiya hai: Jis din un se dil laga
    baithe, Tanhai me sukun ki maa
    chuda bethe, Wo to so gyi
    bhenchod kisi or k bistar pe or
    hum apni hi jhato me aag laga
    baithe ! Pyar karna hai to nirma
    powder waali se karo.. Pyar karna
    hai to nirma powder waali se
    karo.. Kyu ki wo kehti hai Pehle
    istemal karo phir vishwash karo !
    True luv is when a Boy asks d girl
    4 a kiss & Girl simply closes her
    eyes & allows d boy to kiss on her
    lips, But d boy kisses on d
    forehead & says I hv a whole life 2
    Do dat.. Bhai log, Yeh sab
    Chutiyapa hai. Jidhar bhi mauka
    mile mission poora kar dena. Just
    remember ‘The 1 who hesitates…..
    Later masturbates’… ­..issued in
    public interest Kisi buzurg
    MaDaRcHoD ne sahi kaha hai Ladki
    ko Lavde pe bithao to tumse dil
    laga legi Aur agar Ladki ko dil me
    bithao to woh tumhare Lavde laga
    degi.. Waqt kehta hai mujhe gawa
    mat, Dil kehta hai mujhe laga mat,
    Pyar kehta hai mujhe aazma mat,
    Aur aaj-kal ki girlfriend kehti hai,
    Daal Chutiye ghabra mat

  5. Nitesh...Some..Say says:

    Wife was having sex in an apartment 20 floors high with Rajnikant. She then heard her husband coming.. She told Rajnikant to stay like robot and not to move.
    Husband: What is this?
    Wife: This is a robot i bought to have sex with when you are traveling…
    Husband: Okay.. Lets have sex now…
    Wife: No sweetheart.. Yesterday i got my period, so i will go and make a cup of coffee for you..
    After she left the husband said: Damn i am so horny, i will fuck this robot…
    He tried fucking. Rajnikant started talking in a metallic robotic way..
    “System error
    Wrong hole
    System error
    Wrong hole..”
    Husband: Damn robot is not working properly.. I am throwing it out of the window..
    Rajnikant realized that he was on the 20th floor he said:
    Moral of d story :waqt bura ho toh Rajnikant ko bhi gaand marwani padti hai..!

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